We also welcome new patients.

Temporarily changed telephone hours!

Since the 25th October 2021 we have temporarily changed telephone hours because the Medical Assistants are understaffed.

08:00-10:00 am and 02:00-04:00 pm
(except on Thursday only from 08:00-10:00 am)


Information on practice opening hours

Dear parents

As the providers of basic medial services we have taken special measures to meet the special challenges of the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus).

  • We have implemented a regime of strict spatial and temporal separation of healthy and sick children.
  • Preventive checkups will and SHOULD be performed as agreed, and on a regular basis.

Please support us in our effort to prevent a further spread of the virus:

  • Only come to our practice after making an appointment; do not come without an appointment.
  • Please come to the practice exactly at the agreed time. That means neither too early or too late.
  • Wash or disinfect your hands immediately after arrival at the practice. Wash your hand again before you leave the practice.
  • Wear a mask.
  • From now on both parents are welcome again. 🙂

Thank you for your support!

Your Kinderarztpraxis am Lindenplatz

You can register for the COVID-vaccination here:

You can get your COVID-certificate here:

Kinderarztpraxis am Lindenplatz

Comprehensive medical care and treatment for kids and teenagers

Dear children and parents
In the pediatric practice “Kinderarztpraxis am Lindenplatz” everything revolves about the child and its family. We take care of its physical and mental well-being from the first day of life until young adulthood. We treat acute and chronic diseases, carry out checkups and vaccinations, and provide health and educational counseling.

Looking forward to your visit!


Dr. med. Johannes Ledergerber