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Mission statement

Our aims:

Prevention and treatment – health for the future

Our pediatric practice on Lindenplatz focuses on the child and its family. We are professionally and personally committed to the physical and mental well-being of your children from the first day of life through to young adulthood. We offer full medical service which meets state-of-the-art quality standards. We treat acute and chronic diseases, and offer additional services such as health and education counseling, preventive medical check-ups and vaccinations. We treat all patients regardless of their insurance model.

Children – our future:

Kids are our future. Therefore, it is essential to engage with them, to devote our time to them, and to be a good example for them. Children have an insatiable energy to learn about the world with all its rules and concepts. By imitating adults, children learn everything they need. We do not need to determine their future, but we should help them find their own way. We save them from mistakes and promote their strengths.

Our patients:

Our patients and their parents are of central importance to us. We treat everyone with the same respect, regardless of origin, religion and gender. We consider the human being as a whole: medical care and treatment not only concern the body but also take into account all the relevant mental and social aspects.

Our quality management:

We regularly review our processes using the PDCA cycle (learning and improvement process), and live a culture of constructive criticism. To find the best possible treatment, we discuss complex medical cases in the medical team. In addition, we are networked with a large number of specialists and hospitals and cultivate lively medical exchange and collegial contact with them. Our medical activities comply with the latest international guidelines. In addition to overall medical history and clinical examination, we use state-of-the-art medical techniques such as ultrasound, plus optiX, audiometry, tympanometry, skin prick test, laboratory and many more.

Our employees:

Respectful, team-oriented, and encouraging interaction with our employees is very important to us. Our employees are highly motivated and well informed. We train medical assistants and are actively involved in the continuing education and training of our team. It is our conviction that well-trained and motivated employees make a significant contribution to a high-quality healthcare system.